Internet connected only repeaters

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Internet connected only repeaters

Postby g8gtz » Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:00 am

Mike G0MJW said in a separate topic - viewtopic.php?f=103&t=4827#p11739

The problem with a repeater is the license takes ages and not to mention all the other work. So, how about a network of web connected receivers that stream to the BATC streamer?

I have checked with the RSGB ETCC committee and we can see absolutely no reason why this cannot be done to encourage activity where there is no repeater or an NoV is delayed - it is no different to all the web SDRs which are now available.

In fact, the GB3HV group did exactly this for over 3 years whilst we waited for the NoV and there are already 2 similar systems on BATC.TV - one from Enfield in North London and the G8LES link system.

So if you are thinking of putting a repeater on air and want to do long term tests or if you are waiting for an NoV, we would be happy to put up a channel in the repeater section on BATC.TV. As these systems will not be able to use an allocated callsign, I suggest a system where we use the postcode of the site as an identifier.

These could be very simple units - particularly as we now have the Portsdown unit to stream to you don't even need a PC.



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Re: Internet connected only repeaters

Postby GW0KAX » Sat Feb 11, 2017 11:30 pm

Hello Noel,

I would like install / host an RX Streamer like this to assist stations in the South Wales /South West area testing their 146.5 /437MHz systems.

So I'm aiming to install Multiple Portsdown units streaming down an IP Connection.

I'd probably use 4G backhaul, so streaming Bitrate / Times of operation would also need to be factored in....


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