LKV373A Hackable HDMI to UDP TS MPEG4 encoder for $40

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Re: LKV373A Hackable HDMI to UDP TS MPEG4 encoder for $40

Postby G4GUO » Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:17 am

Hi Bevan,

You might want to try using WireShark to look at the TS
as there is an issue with it sending zero length UDP packets which FFMPEG does not like.

- Charles

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Re: LKV373A Hackable HDMI to UDP TS MPEG4 encoder for $40

Postby f5oeo » Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:36 pm

Play also with my lkv373A.
Transport stream output is not workable "as is" as it is not a constant bitrate. Need a process to extract video PID and reprocess entire TS (as mention by Charles).
The encoder is probably a ITE IT9919 which is used in HV320E from Hides.
No parrallel output is possible but a serial one is written in the datasheet.

Video is quiet constant so working with this module seems a good option at least with a software job for post process.


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Re: LKV373A Hackable HDMI to UDP TS MPEG4 encoder for $40

Postby vk5bd » Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:23 am

I have been having a bit of a play and still needing to get on top of which firmware version is best, even in VLC at them moment I don't get a stable picture so I need to do more experimenting there.
I also used ffmpeg to replaced the pids within the rpidatv code (thinking that the process behind Vmix to RPIDATV works okay), but until I get stable video this process is not going to work either.
My current method is to receive the stream with your MNC code into a new rawvideots pipe, then ffmpeg this pipe into a mpegts setting pids etc and then piping back into videots for rpidatv's use. There is a little degradation of the stream via this method but at least the pids are manageable.

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