Minitoune v2 problem

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Minitoune v2 problem

Postby G4GHD » Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:30 pm

On initial testing with "CheckMiniTiouneDriverAndFilters_V0_3a.exe", all checked out fine except for the NIM and Demodulator detection.
Error message shown was "Write_register function failure".

I assumed that there was a problem with the connections to the Serit, no solder bridges seen, so simply resoldered them in case any pads top-side weren't soldered properly.

Upon testing this time however, it reported "FT2232H has bad device B parameters, use FTprog to reprogram it."
I'm guessing here that I should've removed the module before doing the resoldering and I've either damaged or erased the module?

Any help with this will be appreciated.

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Re: Minitoune v2 problem

Postby vk5bd » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:59 am


Unless you still had power on the device when you were soldering, I would think it is unlikely that you would have caused damage, unless it was a static related issue.

Here is a link to the programming of the FT2232H device, it is from a while ago but would think it is still relevant to the current Minitiouner project

Hope this helps


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Re: Minitoune v2 problem

Postby G4GHD » Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:53 pm

No power on the device when soldering of course, so I guess it was just caused by static leakage.

Module reprogammed and all is working fine now, thanks.

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