Transmitter Software Capabilities and Issues

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Re: Transmitter Software Capabilities and Issues

Postby g0mjw » Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:05 am

Hi Dave,

Thanks - maybe just two rates, one for those on FTTC and the other for those on ADSL !


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Re: Transmitter Software Capabilities and Issues

Postby M5TXJ » Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:12 pm

Not sure if I've found a bug or I've corrupted something? In contest mode when you return to receive the screen returns to the menu but the TX led remains lit. I haven't checked on my Minitiouner to see if it is still TXing, that's my next step.

(edit) only happens occasionally??

73 Dave.

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Re: Transmitter Software Capabilities and Issues

Postby G8GKQ » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:05 pm

New Software Release

I've just issued a new release 201710081. It introduces more RTL-SDR functionality and the ability to key the transmitter without a computer or touchscreen. There are also some minor bug-fixes.

The RTL-SDR can be set to receive audio on one of 5 preset frequencies on touchscreen Menu 3. These frequencies are currently fixed, but will be configurable in a future release. The RTL-SDR can also be configured as a RTL-TCP Server for use with SDRSharp on a network-connected PC by selecting a button on Menu 3.

The "keyed repeater stream" functionality has been extended to control the transmit functions. This allows the Portsdown to be set up from the console and then operated (on those preset parameters) without a touchscreen or computer by simply keying a GPIO line. Details here Additionally, the keyed repeater stream will now automatically restart if it crashes due to a noisy video signal.

For Waveshare touchscreen users the Video View functionality has been significantly improved with much less flicker and a 2Hz refresh rate.

There is no urgent need to upgrade to this version unless you want to take advantage of the new features above.


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